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William Noteman is a Green Registered Architect and has been on the Green Register for 5 years since completing the Green Register Course. He has also served for 2 years on the Royal Society of Ulster Architects Sustainability Sub Committee. We are currently engaged on schemes to install small and large scale roof and ground mounted Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal, Diesel Aggregated Electricity Generation and both Air and Water Source Heat Pumps. 
While much of the press coverage is on the ‘green energy’ generating methods such as wind and solar the most cost effective measures are to reduce energy use. Insulation, ventilation and the types of fittings, controls and appliances used are critical. Noteman McKee Architects can offer guidance on these, the sustainability of various materials and the use of specialist recycling companies where works involve demolitions and refurbishment. 


Communication and working relationships are key to providing a good job. The architect needs to lead the design team which may include a quantity surveyor, a structural engineer, a mechanical and electrical engineer, a landscape architect, an interior designer and a Health and Safety Co-ordinator. Keeping the client well informed, ensuring the contractors and sub contractors have clear instructions, being available to sort problems, making decisions and managing costs are all essential skills. We have had a lot of repeat business with over 50 contracts from 6 of our main clients. Most of the building contractors we have worked with we have done so on multiple jobs.